We can all read Energy!

General Reading with Maxine Friend


Maxine provides clear messages from Spirit for your highest good and healing.


Psychic readings are personalized to the particular needs of each client. Maxine’s in-depth and transformative psychic readings have helped many people to heal their pain and suffering, remove fear, and have provided them a clear direction for their lives. Maxine also provides psychic analyses and mentoring to other psychics to help them gain insights into their own lives. Maxine’s amazing capacity to read and interpret your energy will give you a panoramic view into all of the different areas of your life.

What to expect?

Receiving a general reading with Maxine is a comprehensive look into you, and much more than the word “general” depicts. Areas of your life that you have been having difficulties with, as well as areas you may not even be aware of, can then be identified, and addressed appropriately. Maxine will also encourage you in areas of your life she senses are strong and vital. As human beings, we all have a combination of both vitality and negatively polarized energy. Have you ever felt like you are out of sorts, but can’t put your finger on the reason? A general reading of your Energy will help hone in on how, where, and what you can do to improve your overall well-being, and be the best possible you.

What does it include?

A general reading includes a full tarot spread, chakra energy scan, medium reading, people/pets reading, medical analysis, and tea leaf reading.

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

You are truly a sincere beautiful person. I’ve been meaning to write to you and express my gratitude for all your help, but I think its knowing the limitations of words thats been holding me off. Every time I write a sentence it just doesn’t feel like the right one, lol. Just thank you!! Thank you!! and thank you!! you are an unbelievable amazing good person. I am so thankful for being able to meet you. Thank you!

Parm Kaur

Montreal QC

I found Maxine through Google while searching for a good Reiki Masseuse in Vancouver. Having no idea that she was also a Psychic, I was in for a real surprise. Not only did she do Reiki on me that day but she so casually managed to tell me so much about what I was feeling and why. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences in my life and I have been back several times since. I highly recommend Maxine not only for Reiki but also for a psychic reading, I have been to psychics before and she is hands down the best. Can’t wait to see her again soon.

Christina S

Vancouver BC

Maxine is my go-to clairvoyant. She is really good and has a great gift to read people and situations. I have seen her a few times already and will continue to go back to her for readings and insight. She is so warm and to-the-point that I feel like I am really getting the truth when I go to her. I have seen other psychics before but with Maxine I really felt like she had a good connection with reading me. Because of her I have followed my own passions and started my own business. I have a lot to thank her for.

Stephanie T.

Burnaby BC

My first impression of Maxine was a feeling of genuine warmth and a level of professionalism which I believe comes from her extensive business background. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased at the no nonsense honest approach Maxine has taken with my readings. No black cats, crystal balls and drawn shutters! I would definitely recommend Maxine to my colleagues, friends and family and look forward to her further learning with Reiki.

Michelle Evers

Vancouver BC

Maxine was kind, thorough and accurate on so many levels. She gives you honesty and thoughtfulness while in no way rushing. There were so many things that she brought into focus that I was struggling with and I am eternally grateful for her insight and clarity, as well as the peace I have been searching for. I will be there again soon !!

Kathy R

Coquitlam BC

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